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Got letters!!

So happy. He’s in a rush division (yay!) but he had to get his wisdom teeth pulled my poor baby :(

Add me on Facebook!

Just shoot me a message with your tumblr screen name so I don’t think some random creep is adding me ;P


Thats hot!

Oh my god guys! I got a phone call from my SO today! I missed 3 calls and he left 2 voicemails, and i was at work and I saw him calling again and my manager told me to go answer it. it was only 5 minuets but it was the happiest 5 minuets Ive had these past two weeks!

pursuingpleasure said: So I swore in this past Thursday :D


This is pure awesome

Can someone suggest some good countdown apps that count down multiple events? I have reminder free and I’m not liking it (for iPhone)


So I have wanted this to be my ring for the longest time since my middle name is rose and I just love them regardless. But I can’t find who makes it.
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